Vintage Bolero PDF Pattern

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The Bolero is a formal short jacket inspired by Matadors, it is usually made with a thicker or firm fabric. You can also use this pattern to make a great little shrug, wool or a knit fabric, that you can use for formal and holiday style.  

The key fabrics that I have had experience with the design has been a quality Cotton, Embroidery Anglaise and Stretch fabrics, and a wool blend. 

You know it is a good design when the Pattern maker on the team makes 3 of them for herself. 

It's classy and stylish and can give you that little bit more confidence when you are wearing a strapless dress that you love but don't love your arms.  This is the gap that this design fills in your wardrobe.

Sewing Lessons within this design is bagging out the inner and outer lining.  This is a cool lesson and we also cover how to do the gathering stitch to pull in the sleeve into the shoulder sleeve to make it fit without uneven bunching.

3 Key Measurements To Ensure You Make The Bolero Right For You from Irene Pollak on Vimeo.