Marchella Full Skirt Sewing Pattern

wmi_marchella_skirt_pattern $12.00

This is a Vintage full skirt pattern that we made some modern updates to.

We added 2 side Pockets.

Gathering around a 10cm wide waistband, which helps give you waist and makes sure the excess fabric from the skirt has a nice frame to work from.

This pattern comes in Skater skirt length, Tea Party length, mid-calf finish, or you can go to the floor with a full length, maybe go for 2 inches above your ankle because most fabrics will fall more with wear and washing.  So don't make it too long and if you are still not sure on the length, wear it without the seam done, no one will notice the hem not being complete first road trip out for a test drive and then you can work out what you like/loathe about the length and then finish it off.

That's my strategy when I make mine.

The fabric for this will affect the fall of the fabric.  So if you are conscious of adding bulk to your waistline then use a light cotton voile or a rayon blend, it falls like silk but is slightly easier to sew.

If you are making a shorter length and want it to sit out fuller when you wear it, then make it in a firmer cotton drill type fabric, not too heavy still but it will fall differently.

This skirt is great for a work skirt, play or if you want to make your tester out of some cheaper fabric, you can wear that one around the house.  It will be fun running up and down the house in it.