July Sewing Lessons Brisbane

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July 6th, 2019 we are changing the format of our Sewing Days, we are calling them Learn To Sew Days.

You still get to choose a pattern, but the pattern you want to sew based on the sewing level you are at, the ones here are beginner level.  They teach you some great basics but they won't freak you out.

What we will cover;

Get to know your machine.  What challenges you are having and what fixes can be put in place.

How to pin and cut fabrics properly.

How to read a pattern so you know what you are doing when you leave for the day.

How to choose the right size for your body shape.

Putting your design together.

PLEASE NOTE; we stop selling the Sewing Day tickets 1 week before the event so you have enough time to get what you need for the day.

Included in your ticket;

- Patterns, Fabric ideas, immediate access to the Online Sewing Lessons for your design to have forever.  At least watch them all the way through before you come as you will have better questions on the day.

- Use of overlockers to strengthen your seams, but a good zigzag will still do the trick.

- Access to one of our experienced sewing teachers.  

- Our fabulous company, nuts and cheese, tea and lots of laughs and tunes.

Can't wait to get started.