Privacy Policy

We do not keep any of your data on file except if you have bought something or signed up for our newsletter.

As we are based in Australia we do not collect the same data as other countries but we do use cookies so we can do online marketing, hey we got to find you online someway.  But we always make sure that our online marketing is natural and not pushy and only based on what you have engaged with on our site.

We follow the ethos of Seth Godin and that is all about permission marketing so at any time you want us to disappear from your life just unsubscribe and then we by law can not email you about our awesome journey or experiences or products.  

We get that too because we know relationships change.

We do not share our lists or data with anyone, nothing makes us go 🤬more than when random people start spamming us with their emails or marketing messages so we would NEVER ever do that to you.  Hell NO!!!

So, rest assured we will love the shit out of you while you are with us and soon as you hit us with a "You shall not pass" message you are out of our lists, tags etc.

Thanks for checking us out, we got you.  Now go kick ass in your day because we know you can do it.


Much love and respect, Irene xx