Grace Pants Wide Leg Pants Pattern Plus size Included

wmi_wide_leg_pants_pattern $12.00

Great for Rusty or Beginner sewing experience.

These wide leg pants pattern are flattering for women who need to tame the real estate in the waist, hips and thigh region.  The flattering nature of these wide leg pants aim to show off a little bit of your ass and waist line while taming the changes in your waistline that happen during the months/years.

If you like your pants a little bit tighter make these in a stretch fabric that has at least a 5cm+ stretch range or if you like the loose casual chic look then go for a good small/tight [not sure the professional term for that is, but visually you will get what I mean] weave linen/cotton.

This pattern comes in 3 lengths;

Shorts, Bermuda and full length = Grace Pants.  You get 3 options out of this one.  Want to make all three, there are markings on the full length where you can fold the pattern to make your desired length.

Variations we are working on; we are going to be adding a tapered leg version to this pattern in March/April 2019, this will be automatically uploaded to your account once it has been tested across our size range.

Show us what you made in Insta or the FB group, use the hashtag #wmigracepants and tag us @wemadeitbitches so others can see how great it looks on you for Instagram.  In the Facebook Group under the designs Checklist Post. 

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