Bootleg Drawstring Pants Pattern

wmi_drawstring_pants_pattern $12.00

Other options for this design; Pajama pants, beach shorts, Rolldown pants - this has a stretchy waistband, house lounge pants.

You a BONUS pattern when you buy this design; straight leg and bootleg drawstrings.

We are working on the Rolldown Bonus Pattern for this for Late May.

If you are new or rusty with sewing, this is the pattern to start with.   The lesson online has great foundational tutorials on how to cut, pin and sew that you can use in other Sewing Projects moving forward.

Because this has to be a staple in your wardrobe if you want any of the designs above that is why I have combined the Bootleg and Unisex Drawstring into one Pattern product.  It can be made so many ways, this is the first pattern I started my older version of this business with. Thank You Justine [one of our teachers] for making my first pattern.

The Unisex Straight leg [great for guys and gals who have some thigh and booty going on] is for you if you really can't stand a flare, I get it.  Also, it has a lot of room from waist to floor which makes it a great base for the PJ/boxer pants option, with an elastic waistband instead of a drawstring.  

The Rolldown pants are a stretchy waistband finish on the Bootleg pattern and they can be made in a cool stretch denim or printed woven stretch and you go for fabric that will allow for enough stretch in the waistband.  The fabric is what makes this design into stylish casual comfy pants. 

Both styles have two back pockets and a drawstring waistband as one option for the finish.

Show us what you made in Insta or the FB group, use the hashtag #wmidrawstringpants and tag us @wemadeitbitches so others can see how great it looks on you for Instagram.  In the Facebook Group under the designs Checklist Post. 

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We show you in our online sewing classes how to make the drawstring, the variation lessons will be in the Facebook Group.