Badass Work Dress Pattern

wmi_badass_work_dress_pattern $12.00

You know the best thing for a curvy figure is to show it off.

When you constantly layer yourself with clothes to hide the curves then it just makes them look bigger.  Don't get me wrong, one of my favourite dresses is almost a circle dress from my neck to my ankles, my husband hates, I bloody love it cause I can relax everything from my boobs to my belly and no one has to know a single thing about what's going on under there.

But at work. 

When you want to feel like a badass and own the room.

A little shape shifting is necessary.  Why?

Cause it says to the room, yeah I own this, what you think is none of my business because I am the person I have been waiting for.  Done, dusted, bust the moves.  Well in the elevator alone maybe.

Anyways, this dress, this is my - I have a new client to do marketing with and I am there to kick it frock.  I am looking forward to making this in different coloured panels, great for 🍎 body shapes, as it really slims down your shape and takes the eye to the side.

The belt under the bust, I love it, it's classy.  I have added a little more room to the sleeves from 12 > 22 as I just want a little more room for my arms and I am sure will too.  We have added a little pleat in the sleeve to give you that room.

It's simple and classy so pick a stand out fabric because this dress gives you that opportunity to showcase that stretch fabric like you are the canvas of an art piece.