Tudor Shirt Dress Pattern PDF

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This is one of those classic styles that you can wear in Summer with kitty heels or in Winter with tights and boots.  

The pockets make it utilitarian and the length is great for making your legs look fantastic out of the box.  

There are 2 different sleeve options and 3 different collar options in this pattern so it's really up to the look you are going for.

Personally I use the long sleeve for the top and the short sleeve for the dress, but depending on your geographical location you can spice it up to suit the climate and your body type.

As with all our patterns, this comes with detailed sewing lessons or if you are a rusty or confident sewist, just watch our run through to get clear on the right steps to take.  Remember, cut one day, do the bib next sewing time, then on the last session of sewing you should be able to smash out the sleeves & pockets [dress ONLY], collar and hems without any issue.  

Watch the first few videos as we walk through all the pattern pieces so you have a good idea of what to expect.

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