Corset Top Pattern With Online Sewing Classes

wmi_corset_top_pattern $12.00

If you have already bought the Corset Frock you will not need to buy this pattern as it will be in your account under Corset Top.  If you buy this design you also get the dress, it works both ways.

This is a variation to make of that pattern so you get to have this as a bonus cause we are working towards a list of core patterns that you can make many different ways and this is one of them.

You can choose to have boning in this one, which we recommend if you have had babies 👶🏼or if gravity is starting to set in.  It happens to us all! 👳🏼‍♀️ 💄💃🏻

We are doing this one with a Peplum skirt as well so there will be extra panels added to your account once we have refined the pattern and tested it which is what we are doing currently.

This top will go perfectly with some of our skirts; Aline or Pencil and pants designs; Grace Pants particularly.

If you have a 14yo daughter they will love this design with a longer Peplum skirt to make a dress for them.  You can make it any way you like.

We will be recording extra lessons at our Sewing Days, so if there are any challenges we face the solutions will be filmed and uploaded to our Private FB group for WeMadeIt.

Show us what you made in Insta or the FB group, use the hashtag #wmicorsettop and tag us @wemadeitbitches so others can see how great it looks on you for Instagram.  In the Facebook Group under the designs Checklist Post. 

Lifetime access to Patterns & lessons.