Tunic Dress Pattern Online Sewing Lessons for Stylish Badasses

Learning to sew is about getting outside your comfort zone because we have these preconceived ideas of whether we are good enough and that impacts our relationship with our sewing machine.  Panic when it eats our fabric cause we forgot something or hit the pedal too hard, wasted time cause what we make won't last and we wasted fabric and time.

But we have figured out a way to help you learn easily and at a pace that will help you feel like your getting somewhere, fast.

We have put checklists and step by step lesson in all our videos and the wisdom of some amazing teachers who have been working in the fashion industry for over 30 years and have been sewing personally since they were single digits.  And you get to benefit from that and it's only going to get better.

Need help sticking to your timeline, tell us in the Facebook Group what you are sewing and we will loop back to check in on your progress weekly.

Now to the free Tunic Dress Pattern.

I loved this top, I swear I had about 6 when I was running Wind and Water Designs and I never thought to add it as a dress because I didn't have the ability to use exquisite fabrics to it as it would add to the price tag.  So with this new found fabric freedom, I went on a hunt for a light natural stretch fabric to make this baby in a just above/below the knee version.

What I found was this really cool Merino Wool fabric that is light in weight with a white spot on grey background fabric.  Not only was it a dream to sew with, I got to conquer some of my "I don't think I can do this" thought patterns and finished this baby in a few hours.  And shared it on our Instagram page, two things I would never usually do.  


Here is a sample of the sewing lessons that you need to put this baby together.  Sign up for the pattern below.  Enjoy



Get The Pattern Now!

Now I get it that you may not know me and what I manage to get up online has to serve a purpose so I thought you can see me in my flow while I am sewing and then decide if we are the right fit for your sewing journey.

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