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Life is full of dragons, the longer they live, the bigger they become.  Feeding off our misfortunes, resentments, and sense of helplessness - raising teenagers can bring on these feelings, just sayingIt's a challenge, not a battle.  Look them in the eye [our challenges] and you will see your own reflection.  Our challenges are mirrors, exposing our vulnerabilities & fears, it's entirely possible that facing them you will be rewarded with opportunities for personal and professional growth that would have been hidden from you otherwise.  Ad lib excerpt from Bullet Journal, I am not abbreviating the name.

I started using the Bullet Journal in October 2018, and it proved to be vital for keeping my sanity while launching this business, raising two teenagers, 1 finished year 12 and kept the tasks and projects for my Marketing Agency in check.  I don't think I could have done it all as thoroughly without it.

Somewhere in amongst 2018, Ryder Carrols' Bullet Journal marketing crossed my screen and it spoke to me, I love writing so I bought it and when it arrived I left it on the kitchen table to remind me to get back to it later in the day, my husband decided to scan read it and ended up devouring the book in an evening, we are both implementing it and our minds are a lot better for it.

We also bought one for each of the kids for Xmas and they spent the afternoon putting in the templates for January so they could use it for High School and Uni.  There are lots of examples on YouTube on how to use it for your kind of projects and study, it's effects are applicable across anything you need to apply it to.

It's about Goals, Collections, Month's, and the Year outcomes you want to achieve and how to map it out so you can be effective with the constraints you have.

It's a process to make it yours as there is Ryder's how, which insists you follow to get the foundation of it, good learning process, then you can go create your own based on the BulletJournal framework.   Resign yourself that the first journal is going to be a little messy, but it's teaching you to organise your thought processes and how to do more with less.

Pro Tip; Read the book Beautiful Constraint - it balances with the Bullet Journal and how to make something amazing with whatever you have at your disposal.

On page 148 Ryder talks about the Tale of Two Lives.

The well worn path - where you do things by habit.  'The path leads you toward the familiar.  If favours comfort over risk, it is the continuation of your current life.  At the end of this life, what will you have accomplished, personally and professionally" Ryder Carroll.  Both are important.

The path less traveled = where the wilderpeople go.  "You dare to pursue the things that interest you and actively work to improve yourself" RC.  This can be being the best in your current job, side hustle, sewing projects for what social events and times of year that you want to make sure you have a smart piece or scratching that itch to be of service to others so it has meaning to you.  At the end of this life, what will you have accomplished, personally and professionally" RC.

 This rolls onto something Ryder talks about called Radiance.

Cultivating our potential makes us more valuable to ourselves and to others, especially those close to us. p.196 BulletJournal  It's similar to the pebble in the pond analogy.  Mahatma Ghandi said it another way, 'As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him'.  Whether you smile or growl at a stranger you pass that on, staying in a job you don't like and taking that energy home with you perpetuates that feeling and makes it harder for you to see it another way, Bullet journalling and mapping out a way to move either your headspace or yourself can help with that.  Bettering yourself, and taking that out into the world has the potential for change, and we all want to help change what's not right, right? 

Something that compliments the Bullet Journal is a book that was recommended when I studied with Seth Godin is called the Art of Possibility.  Definitely go Audible, as the two authors are husband and wife; he a conductor for the Boston Philarmonic Orchestra and other things, and she a counsellor for families and individuals.  So the audible version has classical music peppered through the learnings, which is soothing and I am sure helps with the deep thinking around the concepts they discuss in the book.   If you want to make a shift in your worldview, this book can definitely help with that.  It is one of 3 favourite books of 2018, and onwards.  The Art of Possibility - The Zandlers




Where to buy the journals in Australia through; 


LarryPost - Pens and Journal

If you have other tips on where you found a journal you loved; Bullet prepared or not, if you took this leap.  Please put it in the comments and we will come back and edit this blog and improve the list.


My dragon's;

Being a good mum, leader, guide.

Building and maintaining a sustainable business with ethics and soul.

Helping make a change in the world that is bigger than what I can do alone.


What are your dragons?

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