Sewing Patterns Australia; Beginner To Adventurous Me Made Wardrobes

These are my favourite patterns and they just happen to be a great start to your sewing clothes journey.

If you have been crafty for a while you will take to these designs super fast  and spin off to more complicated designs in the range but if you are super beginner we show you everything from changing needles, setting the tension, how to sew in a straight line every time and how to master button holes, a super basic zip and some cool funky 70's pockets that will make you start thinking how you can apply them to anything.

And our designs cater for curves and style without any over complicated sewing techniques in them, so if you want to really enjoy your ME time with sewing, my designs teach you all the basics but also allow you to enjoy the sewing experience.

All our patterns you can print at home - A3/A4

All our online sewing lessons are filmed while looking over the shoulder of either Betty, our Pattern Maker with over 30 years experience in pattern design and grading for Australian Fashion Designers along the East Coast.   

Justine is another one of our teachers and she has worked in the fashion industry as a Machinist for everyone from Sacha Drake to the up and coming designers getting their pilot range from Tafe to the Runway.  You can read about her here.

Our Beginner Sewing Patterns are;

Beginner Sewing Patters Online


Drawstring Pants, Highwaisted Pants, Gore Skirt, Batwing Top, Tunic Top

The Highwaisted pants have a zip but it is the easiest zip to do and we go in super close and break down the steps on how to sew it right the first time.   I felt so empowered after I did this zip that I have gone on to make 5 more pairs as this design gives me a waist and flatters my butt.

The 8 panel gore skirt is so simple to make, use super stretchy fabric and you will be getting compliments on this skirt from strangers every time you wear it.

The Batwing top is better in a Rayon and it is a simple top, make it one size smaller than you need it as the Rayon will be super stretchy.

The Tunic Top is great with tights, jeans and shorts.  You will need to buy 2mts of a nice knit/woven stretch fabric to pull this one-off, or if you have non stretch for the body and stretch for the sleeves, that will work amazingly too. 

The Drawstring Pants offer you the opportunity to learn how to do a Drawstring.  These pants have another super basic pocket on the back and the elastic on the back part of the pant means that you will fall in love with the comfort this design offers.   This pattern comes with a Straightleg Pattern which is Unisex and a Bootleg pattern which is super flattering and both make great House or Yoga Pants.  My husband wears his bone linen pair out with friends on lazy Sunday catchups.  The fabric you choose makes a difference, I love a good linen in this design as you can wear it in and outside the home. 

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Ongoing Support - Join Our Facebook Group

Students are invited to our Facebook group where you can upload your sewing issues and one of the teachers will provide a tutorial or solution back to you.


NOTE; all our fabric requirements are outlined in both Imperial and Metric.  We have a Facebook Group you can join and get to see what we really are about.


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