Sewing Darts Isn't Hard With Our Double Pointed Dart & Neck Darts Tutorial

So we are days away, June 2019 if it's past this month it is on the site, from having this new pattern on the site.

Badass Work Dress, taken from a cool pattern I found in one of my Op shop finds or maybe at the Valley Markets, I don't recall but I know it leapt out at me as one for me to make. 

As I have aged sometimes I just want a good dress that I can wear with ankle boots and walk out the door feeling comfortable but confident, badass-y even.  This dress does that for me mainly because it has double pointed darts in the right places, so I now love those sewing darts for that reason.

While I distracted myself with my new filming technique, once Betty showed me the process of how to do it, I thought, hmmmm not bad, I could do that.  

Check it out for yourself and if there are any fears in sewing you need help learning, my list is getting smaller, so let's start working on yours.

Introducing Our Double Pointed Dart & Neck Darts Tutorial


We are always adding to our library and we are all about making sure our sewing techniques feel easy for you to learn how to do, we are teaching you the basics of smart sewing techniques and habits. 

If you are a newbie to the world of sewing and have a pattern that has some detail on it that you don't understand, send it through to us on our email in the footer and we will add that to our lesson filming schedule and post it to our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching,


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