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Today most fashion labels would consider anything above a 14 to be plus size so let's not get hung up on the meaning of that term for anything other than what is used for easy categorisation for style and fashion that is above a size 14.   Now let's go into plus size skirts patterns and how they can help flatter your assets by the optical illusion it creates.  Let's face it, we are all doing some kind of optical illusion in some area of our lives so why not on bodies, that woman in the mirror will be getting some much better dialogue when you master this.

From experience there are two key features that you need for a skirt that will help flatter your waistline.   A wide waistband and an upward vertical line that makes the eye believe that your waist more defined or as with a high waisted skirt, higher than it really is and that gives the eyes cues to pivot up to the face.  If used properly it can give the perception that you have longer legs, a triangle look almost from your ankle to your waist and then depending on what your wearing on top give a natural flow to your welcoming and beautiful face.

What contributes this.

The design of the skirt and the print of the fabric.   The thicker the fabric, the more the design stands out. 

Full Circle Skirt Pattern; to create the triangle to the floor illusion the fabric needs to have some weight to it, if you just want a column look then go for a lighter flowy fabric.   Prints can be small on the flowy fabric but I would go for bigger and bold repetitive prints on the firmer fabric.  This is a rough guide, the best thing I like to do when I am looking at a new fabric, is hold it up in front of me as I look in the mirror.  Remember this fabric is not going near your face so don't fall into the 'I can't wear this colour' dialogue, you can break it with a top that is the colour that brings out the colour in your cheeks of your eyes. 

Fabric suggestions; light cotton voile for that Boho look and flowy full length skirts.  Some cotton/poly or cotton both medium weight with a bold print, this will be your statement skirt. 

Pencil Skirt Pattern;  Now there is nothing more slimming than showing off a bit of shape, so if you are Pear, Apple or Hourglass then this design will do you all kinds of favours.   The only time I wouldn't really rock this superstar is on a super hot day when it could cause chaffing and the best form of medicine some days is prevention, so go Full or A-line or even better go Grace Pants or Palazzo pants as it will give you some grace on super hot days.

Fabric suggestions; Cotton/spandex hands down that is the only fabric to use with this design.  If you want to line yours, make sure your lining is also Stretchy, yes this has happened with designers before.  Stretch denim, stretch prints, a nice Navy and White polka dot is great fabric options.  

Plus size Pencil Skirt OMG I LOVE THIS

Try Our Pencil Skirt Pattern!

A-line Skirt Pattern; This baby was the surprise super star for me.  Our version of this has a pocket in a very smart place and you will love it once the secret is revealed.  We are working on this pattern to be released in our Feb 2019 designs.

Fabric recommendations; cord, denim, stretch cottons, cotton drills - prints or plains.   So much fun this skirt, my head is spilling with ideas on how to make for me and the teenage girl in my life.

 Aline Skirt online sewing lesson

Get The Pattern Now!

The Politics of Plus Size Prices;

One of the main problems I see with Plus size fashion is that designers increase the price of the garment because the profit per metre goes down quite considerably when production includes up to size 22.   So you will most likely find basic designs to be over $200 purely because of the metreage. 

This is where making it for yourself comes into account.  When you are making any of the key designs I have outlined here, the sewing costs are really low because they are simple designs.  Yes 2 of the 3 skirts have a zip but we have mastered those with a library of Zip how to's to get you past that sewing challenge.  Like anything the more you do it, the better you get.

February 2019 Designs

These plus size skirt designs are what we are working on for our February designs to add to the website.  We will come back and edit this post once we have some awesome versions made by the tribe to add to this post.

Our Sewing Day in March will be Skirt Patterns, we will have an A-line, Pencil and Full Circle skirt pattern that we will be rocking through.  Lessons are on the cards for early March/late February release.  These will be Beginner Lessons.

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