Learning How To Sew For Beginners

Learning how to sew for beginners is really easy if you have good teachers & have your kit for sewing set up with what you need and not too much extra stuff.

That is half of the battle already won.   When you are shown good tactics and tricks with not only sewing but also choosing a sewing machine, setting up your sewing kit, what fabrics are easier to use out of the gate, it will save you money and each tick, you give yourself the confidence to go to the next level.


Know your Sewing Machine.

If you have an old sewing machine and don't have your manual then look online as most of the major brands in Sewing Machines will have a PDF version of your machines manual on their website.

Spend a few hours learning how to clean the bobbin, thread the needle, get the feel of the pedal speeds and walk through how to change the stitches and feet and play with fabric.  Now your tension should always be at about 4 for most stitches.  If there is any issues with the stitches pulling from underneath, make sure your bobbin is put in the right way as that is the main reason why mechanical sewing machines throw out bad tension.


Buying A New Sewing Machine

Whatever you do, don't make the big stores like Spotlight the first spot to research for your machine, go to an independent Sewing Machine seller, each city has one, those who have been in the someone who has a sewing and do research on not only the brand but also the ethics of the business and Brother has a whole lot of ticks for me but checkout others like Husqvarna, Singer, Janome.

Check that any bonus feet with the machine is not cheap copies from China, because that will immediately void your warranty on your machine.  Some Janome stockists are known to do this, so watch out.  ASK, ASK, ASK.

I bought a Brother A150 and some overlockers new and secondhand, here is my blog on it.

What I Decided On

I found another blog that runs through some other brands, even though this is an older blog, it has a thorough run down of some Beginner Sewing Machines.

Set Up Your Sewing Kit.

Did a video for you on mine, the only thing I have added to it is more zips of varying lengths for the designs I have coming up and more coloured threads and extra bobbins.   That's it.  Dusted.



Now Pattern Adjustment > know how to adjust patterns, where to shorten the leg is different for some patterns and why you should do it this way and not that way.   Sometimes shortening a pair of pants is simple unless it has a really tailored or wide leg fall to it, it's a small tweak but there is a right way to do this and once you are shown it, you will feel your confidence growing.

Video Tutorial is coming, we have filmed this we are just editing.

Drawstring Pant Pattern, PJ's Pant Pattern Yep, It's Cool

Ok so you have done the above steps so let's start with an easy Pattern > nothing makes you feel like it's possible when you get it right the first time.   My first design was the Drawstring pants, I made it so often for my fashion business that I started to sew how I could make things differently so I did and that's when I made one of the 5 top popular pants in my range.  The Rolldown Pants.  Hands down the comfiest pants for rouge rolling tummies that magically appear flat side on because spandex is a girls best friend.   There is 2 kinds of fabric with Spandex in them, the knit which is what you will find your Yoga and Fitness clothing, the next is what you find in jeans, or other print fabrics that are known as Woven fabrics.  These are what I prefer for waistbands because they have a lot more sucking in power.  

The Drawstring Pattern


Easy to sew Flare pant

Practice the things you suck at.

So we if Zips are something you wish to master we have 3 different length zips tutorials across our patterns.

Highwaisted Pants = 20cms zip and is a really easy pant to make, looks cool in Linens/spotty fabrics that have a bit of stretch in it.  Try a 3/4 version if you aren't too short to begin with in a lighter fabric, it looks cool!

Highwaisted Palazzo Pant Pattern!

Beginner Sewing Pattern

Corset Top, has a 35cm zip and this needs a little more technique to it, but we have done the video tutorials very detailed so you will smash it first time out of the gate as there are lots of safety guards in getting it right on this one.

Get Ze Corset Top Pattern


Then you should be ready to make a pair of Grace Pants.  12cm zip, the toughest one so far in the online patterns, but if you do these in this order you will smash it.


What I have usually found is when one of my students does 2 of our patterns they are usually confident enough to go off and whip up other patterns they find around the web.

Once you are one of our students you can post questions in our Facebook group and I will scoot around for the answer from one of our teachers if I don't know it myself.

All of our teachers have fashion industry experience with decades of experience developing patterns, designs and techniques to save you time and tears.   

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Remember sewing is like meditation, it's not something you squeeze in, it's something you sit down to and really focus.

So pick a part of the pattern that you are going to achieve when you sit down to sew, then if you feel like you nailed it like a pro, then do the next one, then the next one.

The beauty of the internet is that you can learn anything online, the frustration of it is that you come online for one thing and end up a few hours later forgetting what it is that you wanted to achieve.  

This blog has all the steps of learning to sew for beginners here.  If you want to dive into anything else, join us, we have a great library we are adding to regularly with tutorials on different designs for different body types & shapes.  

Thanks for reading.  If there is a sewing challenge you are experiencing, let us know by commenting below.

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