How To Take Your Measurements

This is pretty important to make sure we get this right because in some designs it can be a pretty important piece of information that will help you make the armhole to the top the right size, allow for the size of your arm to not only fit in the top but to flatter you beautifully.  

Also what I have found is women always tend to make/buy a size too big and when you are sewing that can add at least an hour, some serious unpicking and if it's a rayon or silk it could almost ruin the garment, so DON'T SKIP THIS STEP.

Especially if you are new to the designers patterns.  Mine run to allow for curves, rolls and some extra real estate around the bust and butt area.  Other's may be different so always measure yourself.

We are going to a bit of effort to make this baby, so let's make sure we get the details part right.

We found this very useful video for you but if you have any questions about this that you would like to ask, I will ask the hive mind of awesome talent that make up We Made It and get back to you ASAP.


Remember you also have to factor in things like the thickness of the fabric you are using to allow for that 1cm fold on the side of the seams that will stop any kind of stress building up on the seams which reduces the life span of the garment. 

When you join us there is a downloadable Measurement tracker in your account, make sure you download that and keep track of your measurements against the patterns.  It is a great hack from one of our teachers who is a professional pattern maker of 30years.  

Make it to last.

Much love Irene

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