How To Make A Face Masks with 15 Different Patterns Included

Keeping this short but just want to make sure that those who need it can find this.

If possible please choose a Linen fabric, next preferred fabric would be a Cotton, something with a bit of weight but nothing like a drill flexible but has some weight to it.  

To access the 13 patterns of Masks here just make a copy of this Google Drive folder to yours and will have it in your Google Account forever; Face Mask Patterns

The video tutorial for how to make a face mask is here, there is subtitles so keep watching.

Make sure you like the video so when you want to watch it again later you can find it faster.  If you don't have a Playlist in YouTube yet hit the =+ icon next to the Save button under the video and create a new playlist in there and label it Sewing tutorials and that way when you want to find it again, it will be even easier to find cause it is in your own Sewing playlist.

OK, stay hopeful and remember to spend time talking to people, it will help. 

Stay safe,




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