How To Choose Your Fabrics

I had the best fun the first day I went to The Fabric Market in Fortitude Valley Brisbane to buy the range of fabrics for our launch designs for the site.  So Justine, one of our dressmakers who has a fantastic story go read it, we sat down and discussed the choice of fabrics and how they will compliment any size woman, but it does come down to knowing your fabrics and your assets.

We did try to keep it short but when you get to discuss things like the way a good fabric can make a design that much more remarkable, you have to go into that reasoning.

About 17mins long, but worth it.

Main Points of the video;

1. How To Avoid Pulling On Seams

2. What To Consider When Deciding On Fabrics; camouflage

3. How To Test How Your Fabrics Will Crush With Wear

4. Think About Tweaking The Designs With A Few Edits

5. Why Buying Good Quality Fabrics Makes Your Pieces Last Longer


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