6 Business Books That Has Helped Me Get Outside My Comfort Zone

Success is no accident, you need to be prepared.

And thankfully with smart phones and audible you can bang through these books while walking the dog/escaping the house for some sanity and multi task your way through staying fit and agile.  

In 2018 I leapt into studying with Seth Godin and altMBA, he teaches ethical marketing and being a change maker to your tribe and his values are so in align with mine I just love the man.  Apart from the fact he's bald, Jewish and an adorable human, he is smart, kind and generous.  In altMBA we read 9 books in 4 weeks and did crazy tasks for our projects, my project was WeMadeIt and getting it off the ground, so you have to thank him for this crazy ride as well as his teachings played a part.

Then #bujo rocked my world to keep me focused and on track.

Keith Cunningham is another dude I absolutely love and you have to get that on audible cause it is like having a Texas cowboy give you all this wisdom in your ears and he has been through the ringer and come out the other side all the wiser for it.  If you like no BS advice his book is jam packed with it on how to run a sustainable business and just stop making bad decisions in general.  Love him.

Ryder Carroll another dude who is generous, amazing and insightful.  If you are even remotely interested in staying sane through crazy projects, parenting especially teenagers, or just have this business idea that you want to get started then this is your business bible.

Mel Robbins has been on the periphery because lets face it the books of 2018 for me were so epic.  But I love Mel cause she's honest and straight shooting.

Bullet Journal


Bullet Journal = you know what this was an accidental purchase as I thought it was some other strategy guys book and what a bloody happy accident this all turned out to be.  The story about using it is just as beautiful.  I had just received it, opened it with the intention I will look at it tomorrow and then when about my day.  David came home that night and picked it up and went through it like wildfire and the next day he said to me, this book is going to change my life!  OK now the book really had my interest because David is a walking encyclopedia so for him to be impressed by this book made me sit up and take notice.  Book and website link

the art of possibility - kickass book

The Art Of Possibility = How would we be if we already gave ourselves an A when we bring ourselves to a point in our lives that has a lot of pressure.   The impact of this is that we take that pressure off and act from the end vision of already winning at what we are just starting out at and how that frees up our nerves and activates our creative minds to do what we would do, from the point of view that we already won/succeeded.  You have to get the Audible version of this book as Benjamin Sander, the husband of the author duo, is a conductor for Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.  If only all business books had a great classic background music to certain elements to it.  

A beautiful constraint

A Beautiful Constraint = Amazing book to help you think about life differently when you are starting something or in a phase of your life that you feel you don't have much room to move.  Book Link

Mel robbins control your life

Mel Robbins - Take Control of Your Life = How to take control of the fear response in order to manage you Fear.   We all have what is known as the lizard brain which comes up with all this BS on why we couldn't possibly do what has been asked of you.  And instead of feeling trapped in your situation, Mel offers insights on how to deal with it.  I am just starting this book but I love it already.

Keith Cunningham the road less stupid

The Road Less Stupid = Thinking time.  Warren Buffet has a very clear weekly calendar and works hard to keep it that way because he takes his time with decisions by allowing himself time to reflect on big decisions he has to make.  Keith has this wisdom about what he calls the growth funnel and its just about practical business advice, I love it, it's calming and effective and he provides a cool template.  I have turned it into strategy sheets for my agency and I am working smarter not harder and that is the essence of what Keith Cunningham provides in this book.  More effective action and then quality me time.  I love how he ends his videos and chapters, 'Now go think about it, you will thank me later'.   Such a dude.


OK one more because I have just started reading it and I think it will change my life as being financially secure is definitely on not only my radar but my kids as they move into adulthood.  What better gift than to show them how to be smart with their money.

Ramit Sethi books


I Will Teach You To Be Rich - OK yes I thought the title of the book was an absolute wank and i didn't read it for years but I have just heard a podcast with one of my favourite humans on the planet, Vishen Likarni of Mindvalley - cool dude check him out too.  But Ramit is a really smart guy and he doesn't buy into the finance gurus speculation on how the market will move, Book and Website


Other wisdom by Ramit is how to make sure you are winning at your job.

 This link here is for you if you are in a job and you have been up-skilling and you are an A player and want to negotiate a raise from your boss.  Gold I tell you.


Thank You

I hope you get something from this list as it has made me feel like I can break through whatever imaginary limitations I have put on myself through my life while taking the checklist for my business into my family life.  

Truly I believe good business books actually make you a fantastic parent and through the teenage phase which I am currently going through with my husband, it has been my sanity to fall on these tactics and strategies.  Especially giving your kid an A when they are trying to change old behaviours.

Much love and respect, Irene xx.

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