How To UpCycle Clothes And Learn To Sew

by Irene Pollak on

With 50% of Australian clothes donated to Lifeline/Red Cross etc. not fit for sale in Australia, those are being shipped to third world countries.  But those guys are...

Sewing Darts Isn't Hard With Our Double Pointed Dart & Neck Darts Tutorial

by Irene Pollak on

So we are days away, June 2019 if it's past this month it is on the site, from having this new pattern on the site. Badass Work Dress,...

Sewing Patterns Australia; Beginner To Adventurous Me Made Wardrobes

by Irene Pollak on

Yep were Aussie. And our designs cater for curves and style without any over complicated sewing techniques in them, so if you want to really enjoy your ME...

How To Use The Twin Needle For Sewing

by Irene Pollak on

Twin needle sewing is fun and once you would out how to use the twin needle for sewing you are going to find all kinds of ways to...

Learning How To Sew For Beginners

by Irene Pollak on

Learning how to sew for beginners is really easy if you have good teachers & have your kit for sewing set up with what you need and not...

6 Business Books That Has Helped Me Get Outside My Comfort Zone

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Success is no accident, you need to be prepared. And thankfully with smart phones and audible you can bang through these books while walking the dog/escaping the house...

Why It's Important To Become A Badass.

by Irene Pollak on

This is my point of view on the topic, if you have another one, please share it in the comments. OK. I don't know about you but when I...

Tunic Dress Pattern Online Sewing Lessons for Stylish Badasses

by Irene Pollak on

This is a great beginner and stylish sewing project, I conquered my first sleeves with this pattern and it was gentle and not too terrifying.  xx

Brother Innov-is A150 A Great Sewing Machine For Beginners

by Irene Pollak on

I needed a machine and I wanted to go fast at things, this sewing machine has automated all those repetitive steps so you can focus more on your...

Plus Size Skirts Patterns

by Irene Pollak on

February Designs 2019 = these 3 skirt patterns & online sewing lessons are being added to the range.